Why Real Moms Love Kyte BABY

Here at Kyte BABY, we love the bliss of nature- fresh air and organic greenery feed the soul. We also love all the mamas and their babes. Bringing life into this world, what’s more natural than that?

Those passions combined with modern and stylish colors, adorable prints and the softest bamboo fabric you’ll ever feel- that’s why we do what we do.

So, you know why we love our products, but let’s talk about why real moms in the real world love Kyte BABY.



Each piece we create is made with your child’s safety and happiness in mind. Kyte BABY isn’t just ideal in the nursery- little ones need to be comforted for all kinds of reasons, and we are here to do just that.

“My 5-year old hit her head tonight falling from her bike and we are currently waiting at the ER. She curled up in my new blanket [Cloud Adult Blanket]…The blanket has already been a soft, comfort for her  I guess I’ll be ordering one for my sweet girl now!  Can’t believe we’re now the crazy people obsessed with blankets ” -Megan Janes


Our kids are the future. We created them from scratch, and they are absolutely everything to us. Because of that, we are very protective. Parents keep their minis safe by feeding them organic foods, applying mineral-based sunscreen and buying the all-natural, bamboo fabric.

“We love kyte baby clothing so much!! We have been ordering from this company since our little guy was first born June 2016. He has very sensitive skin and over heats easily. Kyte baby clothes are perfect for him! Not only are they great on his skin but the sizes last for a long time. They aren’t your typical wash once baby clothes and done they hold up and grow with your lo! On top of one of the best products they have amazing customer service always!!! Thanks Kyte Baby for your consistent all around great work!!!!” -Christa Castillo



Children are the most beautiful, pure creatures this world has the pleasure of accommodating. So it’s in our nature to want the best, brightest colors and the cutest prints for their tiny clothes. We offers just that- a minimalist style with a modern feel.

“Love the color [Cobalt Footie]. The cutting is great. It makes him look fit and stylish. Very soft. Makes you want to hug him all day.” -Yvette Keller

“I recently purchased this blanket [Mythical Toddler Blanket] for my daughter and we are both in love with it! It’s so soft and the colour is gorgeous. Fantastic quality and adorable print; I will definitely be a return customer!”- Emily



The all-natural, bamboo fabric each our product is made from is incredibly soft. In fact, many have buried their faces in our blankets and said there’s nothing softer!

I got this blanket [Sand Adult Blanket] for my husband for his first Father’s Day. Our little girl wears and sleeps in Kyte Baby products and he is always commenting on how ‘he wished they’d make adult blanket this soft.’ Now he has one and loves it! This blanket is a prefect weight, softness and size. We all love snuggling with it.” -Blake

“I love this romper [Blossom Romper] nighty! My daughter sleeps longer through the night when she has it on and I am assuming it is because it is so comfy.” -Bri

You’ve heard it from the best! Give our collection a try, and see for yourself why these moms are in love with Kyte BABY.

Written By Dani Haberly

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