Yoga with Tots

Yoga is a common practice among the health conscious, granola type. There is probably a yoga mat stored in the hallway closet of almost every suburban mom in America. But how many of these parents practice in the home with their kids?

Here at Kyte BABY, we love the idea of natural fun without the screen. Doing yoga with your child is a beautiful experience with immense benefits! We agree with Nerdy Mamma in that yoga with your toddler is a must!


Healthy Vibes

Yoga is great exercise while being a low impact practice with little risk of injury, making it a great activity to do with your kids! Promoting a healthy lifestyle is must as a parent with young children. They will mimic your enthusiasm for healthy play when you get them involved in your own exercise routines. Have them go through your poses with you, slow and safe of course, and teach them that we are happy when we are healthy.


Zen Coping

As a yogi, you know when to hit your mat. It’s been a long day with stressors activating your need for a session. Why not include your little one in this calming technique? They will grow up knowing that after mommy has spent time on the mat, she is a happier and more calm creature. As they get older, they will inevitably endure the same stressors, and will be equipped with the knowledge and the tools to release the stress and anxiety in a healthy way.



Yoga increases muscle growth and flexibility. Young bodies need this kind of physical activity for proper development. There is also an opportunity for personal and relationship growth here. They will discover more about themselves as their practice matures and the bond between the two of you will blossom as you continue to spend time together on your mats!


This weekend, dust off your mats and put on your yoga pants! Flow through the steps with your kiddo by your side. See how yoga can benefit your lives together.

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Written By Dani Haberly

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