10 Reasons Why We Love Dads

Mom got her day last month, now it’s Dad’s turn. Father’s Day is next weekend, in case you momentarily forgot- which you would never do of course. It’s time to express your gratitude for the man who raised you up right.

Dads play an interesting role in a child’s life. Each of us have a different experience to share, and nobody’s Dad is the same. There are so many dads out there that deserve a mug that says, “Best Dad in the World.” Cheers to them!

Here at Kyte BABY, we love dads! Here are a few reasons why:

1. Biggest Fan

Dad is the loudest cheerleader in the bleachers. He was at every baseball game and dance recital. He supported our decision to quit this and try that. There were times he was disappointed in us, but his encouragement never stopped.

2. Our Rock

He never wavered when we needed him to be the strong one. Dad leads the family through tough times to great success. When we were far away and needed a dose of confidence, he always picked up the phone to share his words of wisdom.

3. Sound of Reason

When we wanted to take a year off school to chase that boy across the country, he gently reminded us of our priorities. After we got that well-deserved bonus and wanted to move into a giant house we actually couldn’t afford, he sat us down and helped us make the right financial decision.

4. Mom’s PIC

Mom is amazing, she’s Wonder Woman really, but even she needs a Partner In Crime. Dad supports Mom just as much as he supports us. When Mom and Dad were in sync, they were unstoppable- we saw that and remembered. He set an example; one that shaped the way we treat our life partners today.

5. Good Cop

When we messed up and Mom was red-faced and growling, Dad would shoot us a wink and we knew everything was going to be ok. He reminded us that making mistakes didn’t mean losing his love.

6. “Go ask your father!”

Remember that concert you were probably too young to go see? Mom said no, you badgered her until she uttered those four famous words that sent you skipping off to get permission from Dad. He said “I guess,” and you had the best time!

7. Bad Cop

It’s a right of passage to sit down for dinner with your parents and the new love interest for the first time. Mom makes pleasant small talk while Dad glares from across the table. He peppers them with questions and you secretly take pleasure in how uncomfortable they are answering them. You know Dad means well. He’s only putting on this act to scare your new partner in hopes to secure your emotional safety.

8. Story Teller

Dad shares the best stories. When the power shut off because of that crazy snow storm, he ignited the fireplace, pulled the sofa right up to it and told you stories for hours. He has shared embarrassing stories from your childhood to people you wished he hadn’t, and continues to do so through awkward posts on Facebook- something he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of yet.

9. Mr. Honest

Dad taught us integrity through his honest lifestyle. Each time an opportunity arose when he could have bent the truth to make things easier, he didn’t. Dad always does the right thing.

10. Dad jokes

We can all agree that dad jokes are one of our favorite things about Dad. He thinks he’s so funny and clever and most of the time what comes after the punch line is a bit of awkward silence and some pity laughter. As we get older though, the jokes actually become funnier. One day, you’ll think that joke he told at Sunday brunch was the funniest thing you’ve ever heard – this is when you know you are now on his level, the dad status.

Dad deserves the best. Treat him with an all-natural, bamboo adult blanket. Don’t worry, we carry the blankets in manly colors! He might not admit he wants one, but after he feels how soft and cozy they are, he will never sleep with anything else.

 Written By Dani Haberly

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