Sleep Safety

Image of baby wearing sleep bag



Sleep safety is a cornerstone of every design decision we make at Kyte BABY. With topics like SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and infant suffocation at the top of our mind, we work tirelessly to design new & beautiful products for your baby that keep them safe and secure, especially when sleeping.

Look at our Sleep Bags, for instance. The soft, cozy, and comfortable fabric is breathable, and is the safe alternative to crib blankets. Breathability of fabric is key to not overheating.

The key difference between a Kyte BABY Sleep Bag and other similar products on the market are is zipper design. The curved zipper is much more comfortable for baby, and is easier to use for the parent. All of this means that you have a product that is remarkably safe for your baby to sleep in, and is also comfortable enough that your baby will actually sleep soundly in it. What purpose is a safe sleeping alternative that’s too uncomfortable for a baby to actually use?

Image of sleep safety design and label